As a result, it seems that Po's partial undertaking of Sammi might nullify the intent of the revising labour-laws by taking the property-undertaking instead of the transaction-transfer-undertaking, and by rejecting the employment-succession and the collective bargaining succession.
Po ignored the social norm and responsibility of the enterprise by ascribing the employment problem to the saler(Sammi) exclusively and by resulting in the nonpayment of Sammi.
And Po's disguised firing is the extreme oppression over labours that has served the hardcore industry for 15years.
So Po must be responsible for the break-down of the labours' life and that of their families'. Besides, it cannot be tolerated that Po, public enterprise based on people's taxes, violated the laws and oppress the labours.
The one-sided mass firing(only for the enterprise's interest) is considered to be an anti-social crime. The enterprise must not ascribe the failure of the economic policy and the management by depriving the motivation of the labours.
Po adhered to the non-union policy which is the pre-modern labour management. In this way, Po is uneased about improving productivity by controlling and oppressing the labours. Essentially, the union could not help starting the employment succession struggle because of non-union policy.
This is the essence of Po, the kingdom of Kim Man-Sei who has ever been the economy second prime minister. Finally, we will struggle with all of the democratic groups together and in the end, we will achieve the withdrawal of one-sided mass firing and the employment succession. Po, Guarantee the Sammi labours' employment !
Government, settle the problem!