After the special labor laws that were illegally passed by the governing party became invalid, the question of whether the discharge is allowed or not in the process of merger and acquisition arises.
At last, the labor have made the maximum concessions at the cost of agreement that discharge is not admitted in the merger and acquisition.
But to avoid the blame of vicious manager that disintegrates the union and dismisses employees, Po has attributed the responsibility to Sammi dishonored, and took the form of property merger.
Through this way, Po slipped law's guard. It is illegal and immoral that Po, public enterprise based on people's taxes, took disguised mass firing while taking away high labour powers and same products.
After one-sided disposal announcement, we consistently demanded to settle the problem through dialogue, persuading Po to admit a legitimacy of employment succession. But they have shown insincerity through out this whole ordeal.
This problem is not only pertinent to the Sammi union workers but all of labours in general. Thus if we cannot prevent Po's violence, oppression of the capital will get stronger and stronger, and the right to live of labours will be at a crisis.