Please send appeals/recommendations immediately to Korean authorities and Posco
  • expressing concern and alarm to the continued obstinate refusal by Posco to provide employment guarantee to all the workers of the Sammi Steel plant that it had taken over.

  • calling upon the South Korean authorities(especially, Ministry of Labour) to solve positively Sammi Steel workers' employment unsecurity in accordance with International Labour Organization Employment Policy Convention(ILO Convention No.122 of 15 July 1964) and ILO Convention concerning Employment Promotion and Protection against Unemployment(ILO Convention No.168 of 17 October 1991)

  • expressing further concern that Posco, bought up the Sammi's reinforced plain steel plant with an intention to layoff Sammi Steel Co.'s workers and maintain its anti-/non- union stance, has been ignored that Sammi's union called for a guarantee of continuity in employment and respect for the integrity of the existing collective bargaining agreement by the new 'management'(Changwon Steel Co., a subsidiary of Posco), violated international standards in a working world and trade unions' rights including trade union's fundamental rights.

Please let us know your materials-related and your opinions if possible.
  • your trade union's experiences or articles on employment continuity.
  • a court's ruling text and a central labour relations commission's decisions.
Please also write separate letters your contury's statesmen and leaders of political parties or trade unions.

Ask them specifically to write Korean authorities, including diplomatic representatives of the Republic of Korea accredited to your country, and the president of Posco to urge to strongly support Sammi Steel Co. worker's opinions, please.

What you can help do to Korean steel workers is making a resolution on Sammi Workers' issue at a forum, meeting, conference you participate or will participate in various levels.

You can send us your solidarity letters. And Please Contribute your articles and other writings on a magazine and bulletin.

Appeals to

  1. President Kim Man-je

    Pohang Steel Co.
    • Post-office Box 777, Kang-nam Post Office Seoul, Korea or 892, Dae-chi 4 Dong, Kang-nam Gu, Seoul, Korea

    • Tel : (82-2) 3457-0114

    • Fax : (82-2) 3457-1114

    Pres. Home
    • Tel : (82-2) 4357-0001

    • Fax : (82-2) 3457-1900

  2. President Kim Young-sam

    The Blue House
    • 1 Sejong-no, Chongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

    • Fax : (822) 770 0253

    • Telegrams : President Kim, Young-sam, Seoul, South Korea

    • Salutation : Dear President

  3. Lee Ki-ho Minister of Labour

    The Ministry of Labour Affairs
    • 1 Jung-ang Dong, Kwa-chon City, Kyung-gi Provice, Republic of Korea

    • Tel : (822) 503-9700

    • Salutation : Dear Minister

Please copy appeals and articles to KFMU or IPECK if possible

  • Korean Federation of Metalworkers' Unions(KFMU)

    • 4th fl. Seongbo Bldg., #82-1, Yang-jae Dong, Seo-cho Gu, Seoul, South Korea

    • Tel : (822) 579-4977

    • Fax : (822) 579-9212

    • e-amil :

  • Task Group for Labor Information(TGLI)

    • 174-6 second floor Jangchung-Dong 2 ga, Jung Gu, Seoul, South Korea

    • Tel : (822) 285-2138/9

    • Fax : (822) 275-5890

    • e-mail :

  • International Politics & Economy Center of Korea(IPECK)

    • 65-14 Mia 5 Dong, Kangbuk Gu, Seoul, South Korea

    • Tel : (822) 986-0025

    • Fax : (822) 986-0065

    • e-mail :

  • Sammi Steel's trade union emergency committee for a full guarantee of employment continuity

  • More information
    For further information, contact the KCTU-affiliated KFMU or IPECK, a independent solidarity center