* The union presented a petition to 21 government and public offices including the Blue House.
(The petition that all of the union's members and Masan/Changwon's citizens, 11.000members signed their names)
* The union did protest, public forums in company, union membership education, street propaganda activities.
* The union exerted all possible efforts to solve a problem through dialogue.
We had nine meetings with Sammi, but Po rejected a dialogue.
* The union expressed its voice in the central daily newspapers.
"The public enterprise, Po-Hang iron manufacture company intend to kill people"

* The union has visited the capital, Seoul to struggle, three times.

-The first visiting(9-10, January, 1997)-

the number of persons were fifty-three. The visiting goal was to demand employment succession in the time of contract, through protest visiting of Sammi, Po, the Board of Trade and Industry.
The group of visitors met the Sammi president, a Po's Seoul branch manager, the Board of Trade and Industry's Steel and Metal bureau chief. The labor workers were answered that they would do their best.

-The second visiting (4-7 March, 1997)-

The number of persons were 315. The ends was to protest a one-sided selective new employment and to demand guaranteeing a employment succession. Visiting group met the Sammi president, Po's Seoul branch manager and New Korean party's public service center chief. The result was a four-way talks with Sammi, Po, the Ministry of Labor and the union workers.

-The third visiting (from 25 March to now)-

The number of members were 126. The ends was also to acquire employment succession. The visiting groups demonstrated at the main buildings and in the streets. Four union staffs went on a hunger strike for 21 days at the Myung-Dong Cathedral.
As of June 20, 1997, eighty-nine days have past since the struggle started in Seoul. Po is attempting to distort the truth with a logic that can be hardly admitted through mass media. In addition, they accused the union staffs and members illegally holding a meeting of business-impeding and defamination.
June 23, 1997, "joint countermeasure committee" composed of 16 organizations including democratic union association made a start.

* On May 6, the union held a public hearing at the National Assembly Building's small meeting room with the title of "What problem is one-sided mass firing in the time of merging and acquisition?"
* After public hearing, the Ministry of Labours requested six scholars to present a written opinion. Two of them, Sin Hong(Seoul City-established University professor) and Kim You-Sung(Seoul National University professor) presented a written opinion.
* On May 16, there were two congressmen' inquiries and the ministry of Labour's answer in the National Assembly Environment and Labour Committee's Standing Committee meeting.
* On June 23, "the Joint Countermeasure Committee for employment stability and withdrawal of Sammi's disguised firing" composed of 16 organizations including democratic union association made a start.
* On 25 Korea Capital and Labour Development Research Institute, which have had a neutral perspective, held a policy forum at the lawyer's building with the title of "trade-transfer and employment succession - in the half of the case of Sammi".