Records of Struggle Brief Discription of Struggle Nation-wide Fighting Caravans

Records of Struggle

December 16, 1996
Sammi Specialty Steel Inc. publicizes its plan to sell off part of its facilities

February 17, 1997
POSCO makes a P&A contact for takeover of Sammi Specialty Steel Inc.

March 24 to late October, 1997
three rounds of Seoul struggle: forming a Fact Finding Delegation with opposition NCNP, a hinger strike of union leasers at Myongdong Cathedral, forming a coalition, Joint Committee for Reinstatement of Sammi Workers and Job Security, hold hearings on this issue, submitting a petition for the case to the National Assembly, a 20-days hunger strike by 44 workers.

December 17, 1997
Central Labor Relations Committee makes a decision that all the dismissed workers be reinstated, for the dismissal was illegal.

April 22, 1998
In request from KCTU leadership, President KIM Daejung says that he made a instruction to implement the decision of Central Labor Relations Committee

May 21 to September 24
Camping out struggle at Seoul Station

June 5, 1998
The agreement between KCTU and the government: the Government and Tripartite Commission will make an effort to make this case solved by coordinating the meetings between parties concerned.[the Government, POSCO, SSSTU, and KMWF]

July 23, 1998
Agreement between Presidents of KCTU and FKTU and Chairperson of Tripartite Commission: to make sure that dismissed workers be employed by the POSCO affiliates(not subcontractors), and when the case is over, regardless of the result of the lawsuit, they be employed by Changwon Specialty Steel Inc if workers want to.

January 22, 1999
Seoul High Court makes a decision that all the dismissed workers be reinstated, for the dismissal was illegal.

June 5, 1999
A dismissed worker, Lee Kwangsu, hanged himself

July 1, 1999
35 Congressmen submit Recommendation for Reasonable and Rapid Proceedings

September 1, 1999
26 rounds of negotiations are broken up for 2 years, due to insincerity of Changwon Specialty Steel and Ministry of Labor

September 11, 1999
1000 days struggle anniversary rally in front of POSCO Center

October 5, 1999 to January 1, 2000
Youido Camp sit-in struggle with KCTU in front of National Assembly

January 4 to March 4, 2000
Daily rallies in front of Changwon Specialty Steel plant(Changwon, Kyoungnam)

March 7 to 18, 2000
Nationwide Caravan marching toward Seoul

Brief Discription of Struggle

Sammi Workers have been struggle for their reinstaement for more than 3 year against the steel giant POSCO, which refused to succeed the hiring Sammi workers because of its democrtic union. Now, they are waiting for the final verdict of Supreme Court following the decisions mdae by local and central labor boards, by National Audit Board, and promise by President Kim Daejung to reinstate them.

Hunger strike by 44 workers, long camp-out struggle at Seoul Station, and innumerable rallies in front of the plant, both in Changwon and Pohang, and Seoul---in spite of all these struggle and adminstrative decisions by various authorites, the POSCO still denies to re-hire Sammi workers.

Why? Because Sammi workers have a great tradition of democratic unionism! That's why the gigantic POSCO has to fight against a handful of union warriors! If they are hired by POSCO, they will be faced with strong independent union. And the POSCO has a long history of unfair labor practice and union busting. The gigantice company, with more than twenty thousand workforce, has a trade union with twenty or so members, a ghost union which has had no meetings, nor reports to members, and no affiliation to either federations. That's the secret!

Now it's time to further spur the struggle toward the final victory! It's time to concentrate all the forces on the final struggle by all possible means! So Sammi workers need the support and solidarity not only from Korean workers, but also from the workers all over the world!!!

Dismissed Sammi Workers' Nation-wide FIGHTING CARAVANS Marching to Seoul : from March 7 to 18

Now Sammi workers starts a concentrated struggle with a refreshed spirit. They are going to march the land by two groups of fourty workers in ten cars, a van and a truck. They are goignt to start on March 7 from Changwon, where they will have a lauching rally for nationwide caravan.

Each group starts from Southern part of Korea and march north-ward, arrving in Seoul on March 18, when they are going to organize a big protest rally, together with KCTU and KMWF. On the way to Seoul, each group of 40 workers visit the plants in 23 cities all over the countires, where other workers are fighting aginst emplyers, to share experience and show workers solidairity.

The first group, called Employment Succession, is scheduled to be moving along the western course: Koje(Mar 7) Jinju(Mar 8) Yeosu & Sunchun(Mar 9) Mokpo(Mar 10) Kwangju(Mar 11) Jonju(Mar 13) Daejon(Mar 14) Chonan(Mar 15) Suwon(Mar 16) Inchon(Mar 17) Seoul(Mar 18)

The second group, called Reinstatement, is scheduled to be moving along the eastern course: Pusan(Mar 7) Yangsan(Mar 8) Ulsan(Mar 9) Kyongju(Mar 10) Pohanf(Mar 11) Daegu(Mar 13) Kumi(Mar 14) Chongju(Mar 15) Wonju(Mar 16) Songnam(Mar 17) Seoul(Mar 18)