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Protest Mail

Sample letter :

Dear Presidnet Kim, Dae-jung,

We, members of ______ or I (note name of your organization or explain who you are as pertinent) am/are writing to express our concern that Sammi Specialty Steel Workers' case is not still settled yet.

It is amazing that the the workers have been fighting for their rights to be reinstated for over than 1000 days and there has been no action taken by the government and POSCO employers even though the decision made by the High Court that they should be reinstated.

We call upon you to order that the workers should be reinstated immediately and the POSCO employers should admit the decision of reinstatement of the workers by the court.

(Your name and name of your organization as applicable)

Please Send Mails to Following Addresses :

1. Blue House
  - Write to President at <>
     or Mail to <>

2. Prime Minster
  - Mail to <>

3. Supreme Court Judge
  - Mail to <>

4. Labor Minister
  - Mail to <>